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Instagram Just Added Snapchat Technology

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Listen I know people think I have a huge brain and I do.   But there is literally nothing that cripples my brain faster than technology changes. Like I absolutely can’t wrap my noodle around this move by Instagram both from a personal and professional level.   Does Barstool Sports need to start doing insta takeovers with chicks shaking their asses now like we do on snapchat?   Do we need to do office takeovers in insta?  Do I need to send creepy shit to girls on Insta instead of snap moving forward?  But I feel like I have too many followers on my insta (humble brag) to really get weird.   But when you say shit disappears I can’t help but think that demands weirdness.   My brain is just in a mental pretzel right now.  I fucking hate tech change.  I hate it.



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