Director Of Suicide Squad Yells "Fuck Marvel!" At The Movie Premiere, Instantly Apologizes



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I’m not the right person to be blogging this because I don’t know shit about comic books but is the DC vs Marvel beef really this serious? I really fucking hope it is because that would be spectacular. That would be more than enough for me to start watching comic book movies. I love anything where I can pick sides in a beef. East Coast vs West Coast. Crips vs Bloods. Ja Rule vs G-Unit. Jif vs Skippy. And now DC vs Marvel. That video of director David Ayer yelling “Fuck Marvel” even looked like a hip hop beef. There’s always grainy concert footage of a rapper yelling “Fuck (insert other hip hop name)” on stage and then the beef spirals out of control. I hate that he apologized right after though. That’s not how you beef. You gotta double down and make it 100x worse. Say he fucked Jon Favreau’s wife or something. That’s Beef 101.





To be perfectly honest, I don’t have to see any of these movies to pick a side. I’m on whatever side Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is on