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49ers Fan Punches Seahawks Fan In The Face, Seahawks Fan Does Absolutely Nothing About It


Make no mistake, this 49ers fan is a total douchebag. To punch a nerd in the face just because your team is losing is as asshole as asshole gets. But guess what, it’s a dog eat dog world. That niners fan knew there would be no retribution. He knew he was the Alpha dog in that stadium. He knew no one was going to step to him. So don’t be mad you got your nose broken, be mad that you don’t have the balls to at least fake fight him until security comes and breaks the whole thing up. I mean you’re in your home stadium. Would you let someone walk into your house, drink your beer and fuck your wife? Because that’s exactly what just happened. Grow some spine man. Can’t win with that type of apathy.


h/t justin