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Ken Rosenthal Handles Lies From His Sources Just A Little Differently Than Chris Mortensen

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In that story, before it was updated, Rosenthal said that Puig got pissed when he was told that he was either going to be traded or demoted to AAA that day so he stormed out of the park. That was later cleared up by one of Puig’s reps, Adam Katz, who said Puig was never at the park because he was told not to show up at Dodger Stadium, because he was either going to be traded or demoted to AAA.


One hour later:


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Oh, so is that how reporting is supposed to work? You do the best you can and then when you get burned, like everyone is bound to get burned one day, you step up to the plate and own it? You correct the story, apologize, and tell everyone that you’re going to be better next time? Interesting. Because just a short time ago, Chris Mortensen taught me that the way real reporters handle a fuck-up is to hide from it, refuse to correct it, and then many months down the road blame your sources for lying to you and say the reason you never corrected it is because you’re old, so you don’t really understand how Twitter works.



Crazy how two huge reporters can handle a situation so differently. I mean Puig’s always had some personality problems so it would have been easy to let this one go and the whole world would have believed it 100%. But instead Rosenthal corrected the error and now the narrative is, “Hey, reporters fuck up sometimes but that’s how you own it like a man,” no one really blames the guy. No one is offering to murder him for Dave Roberts. No one is calling him a coward or saying that Fox Sports One Lies. No one is saying that Rosenthal pissed away a lifetime of credibility. It was a mistake and he wore it. It’s too late for Mort now, but he probably would have been better suited going to the Ken Rosenthal School of Journalism rather than whatever mom and pop shop he graduated from.




PS – I’m a big Rosenthal guy. Always have been. Love how he has his height in his bio so he can just tweet, “Check my bio,” whenever he does a post-game interview and everyone freaks out wondering how short he is.


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