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Brian Dawkins Is Back As A Philadelphia Eagle, Baby! – Brian Dawkins remained loyal to the Eagles even after a bitter departure in 2009, and he’s now an employee of the organization for the first time in seven years. The Eagles added the iconic safety to their scouting department as the inaugural recipient of the Nunn-Wooten Scouting Fellowship, a new program the NFL started to introduce former players to scouting. Dawkins, 42, worked on television and helped coach high school football after his 2012 retirement, but he has long thought about returning to the Eagles. He considers this an introduction into the nonplaying side of the organization. “It’s not just scouting,” Dawkins said. “I’m trying to grasp the whole gambit of football operations _ how a team is run. I’m learning about the scouting part and the terminology and all those things. … I want to learn everything about running a football team.”

IT’S TIME TO WORK. Somebody get him some doggone pads, please. He might not even touch the field on Sundays with this new position, but boy I would be lying if I said I didn’t think the Birds are a better team today than they were Friday before this move was made.

All jokes aside, it was pathetic the way things ended between BDawk and the Birds in 2009, but we all knew the return to the nest was going to happen for Dawks one day.

The one thing we knew for certain? He was never going to be offered a job when Kelly was coach. The way Dawkins works is that he is going to get a lot of the cameras now, a lot of the conversation, and Kelly would rather die than see the conversation shift off him and onto one of the town’s most beloved players. luckily….Kelly is gone and Pederson knows what the people want from the city’s most rabbid fanbase.

I hope somewhere in this contract there is a strict rule that Dawkins is giving pregame speeches in the locker room before every game. I am still convinced that he single-handedly willed that defense back in the Andy Reid era to dominate. Hard not to when you have you have your heart beating out of your DAGGOONE chest.