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The Summer Of J.R. Smith Seems To Be Going Pretty Well With Him Looking Turnt As Fuck At OVO Fest

It’s been a hot minute since we heard from Earl Smith, but it looks like he is still having the time of his life as the Summer of J.R. continues to chug along. Sure the shirt is back on, but now we have a new character in the mix. The red Solo cup. The degenerate’s best friend. While J.R. being fucked up at a concert is nothing newsworthy, J.R. being in a “can’t even lip sync the words while recording himself at a concert” was fantastic to see. Just a dude completely in his element crushing life. In fact, I would say the shirtless guy at the concert can only be outdone by the guy drinking out of a Solo cup that can’t even speak. And I don’t think that this is just from one night of debauchery. J.R. isn’t a light weight. This strikes me as Earl Smith Jr. being smack dab in the middle of a bender. If only there was a clue of what could have triggered the Summer of J.R. getting a nice little jump start.


Boom, there we go. Again, the J.R. + Paulina Gretzky + Dustin Johnson conglomerate is a modern day rat pack. If those walls could talk, they would probably have to sign a non-disclosure agreement drafted by Wayne Gretzky’s attorneys. Stories for dayyyyyys.

Also, the Solo Cup becoming a little more square-shaped and adding those pseudo-grips to the side is the biggest advancement in party culture for years.


Less spilled drinks. Less cups falling off of beer pong tables. Less party fouls across this great country of ours. Hats off to Mr. Solo and all the people in his labs always looking to improve this American classic.