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Big Scary Bear Breaks Into A House And Tries To Attack The People Inside


Congratulations on almost filming your own death! I’m being serious. If you don’t take a video of a GIANT bear breaking into your house did it even really happen? I say no. That’s where we’re headed with the internet. Video video video video. Blocks of words no longer count for anything. Storytelling is a dying art. Unless you can show me video evidence of something that happened, I’m just going to assume that you made it up. Like if this guy had told me he had a bear break into his house, the first thing I would’ve asked him was, “Did you get it on video?” Say no and I don’t believe you. You’re lying to my face. Luckily this dude was smart enough to break out the iPhone 6 and capture one of the most vicious creatures sleuthing through his house looking for blood. You know those “Shot On An iPhone 6″ commercials that show just how good the phone’s camera is? There should be parodies made like this one where a guy almost gets mauled by a bear.