McDonalds Is Experimenting With Walk Thru Lanes For Hungry People Who Are Too Drunk To Drive

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The Sun- FAST food giants McDonald’s is trialling a “walk-thru” – for weekend revellers who have drunk too much to drive. An outlet in Llandudno, North Wales, has opened a lane for pedestrians to serve hungry diners leaving a nearby nightclub in the early hours. The restaurant rolled out the trial last weekend, sparking a frenzy with sozzled customers with late night munchies. The scheme’s instant popularity led bosses to make it a permanent feature and it will return this weekend. Between the hours of 2.30 and 4am, customers will be able to walk through a separate lane and order meals.



McDonalds just pressing all the right buttons in 2016. You wanna stay afloat in an uber-competitve fast food market? Start playing to your audience AKA drunk and high people. That’s how a place like McDonalds can rise above the fray. People want breakfast all day every day? Then that’s what they’re gonna get. Because there’s nothing worse than waking up late and hungover and realizing it’s too late to get a steak egg and cheese bagel. Luckily that’s a sob story that no longer exists. We will tell tales to our grandchildren about back in the day when McDonalds didn’t serve breakfast 24/7. They’ll be shocked. And now this. The drunken walk-thru lane. For when you don’t wanna risk a DUI but still wanna pound some burgers and fries. It’s also a genius PR move for the golden arches. With this move they’re telling people not to drink and drive for their fast food. Simply go for a nice drunken stroll and have a Big Mac waiting on the other end. Everybody wins.


PS- My friends and I drunkenly walked thru a McDonalds drive thru in high school (yeah we drank bro) and they actually served us. It was the greatest moment of our lives up until that point. Not saying walk thru lanes were our idea but I’m not not saying that either.