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Pictures Of Melania Trump Modeling Naked And In A Bed With Another Girl Were Released

NY Post- Donald Trump thinks his wife will be a model first lady — and here’s the proof. Decades before she was sporting designer dresses on the stage of the Republican National Convention as Mrs. Trump, Melania Knauss posed nude in a photo spread for a now-defunct French men’s magazine, The Post has learned. The leggy, Slovenian-born model — then 25 years old and known by her professional moniker Melania K. — did the steamy photo session in Manhattan in 1995, according to Alé de Basse­ville, the French photographer who shot the sexy snaps.

“Melania was super-great and a fantastic personality and she was very kind with me,” de Basseville told The Post, adding the former model never once felt uncomfortable posing for the nude pictures. Melania’s sexy photo spread appeared in the January 1996 issue of Max, a French men’s magazine that went out of business in 2006.

Look at The Donald firing back with an absolute haymaker. I was waiting to see the big counterpunch coming from Trump’s camp after the DNC paraded people up there to tear him down. And he threw what is equal to a Wild Card Draw Four in Uno. I mean we all know that Melania is a legit smoke, but seeing her back in her glory years is something. So while you may not agree with or like Trump, you have to at least respect his ability to pull in a chick like that. Sure his money is probably a strong to quite strong reason she is with him, but that’s just life, man. We all know the guy that got girls in elementary school because he brought some extra milk money to the lunch line or had the nicest car in high school. Sometimes those guys get the prom queen. And yes, parts of her speech may have been straight up plagiarized, but the U.S. doesn’t need a perfect First Lady. Forget about a Jackie O. That was for a different time. I’m just as fine with a Jackie O-Face type. And by the sound of it, Trump’s people are more than okay with these pics coming out.

Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday defended his wife’s old nude photos as an artful “celebration of the human body” and added that the Republican presidential nominee isn’t upset by their publication in The Post. Trump spokesman Jason Miller noted that the shots of Melania Trump were taken before the couple knew each other. “They’re a celebration of the human body as art, and [there’s] nothing to be embarrassed about with the photos. She’s a beautiful woman,” Miller told CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

via NY Post

As for the picture of Melania canoodling with another topless chick, they are another win for Trump. We are living in the age of the LBGQT movement, so I would imagine those photos could only help Trump from that end. If you told me that Melania got down or still gets down with the fairer sex, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Plus the other side of this is that younger voters could be the key to the election. Anyone under the age of 35 that sees two chicks laying in a bed together in black and white instantly think of this classic:


Which should immediately fill you with warm and fuzzy feelings, either because it’s sexy as fuck or because it reminds you of college (or both in many cases). We are the AOL Lesbian Chat Room generation. And if you don’t think Trump and his people realize that, you are lost. When you are in that voting booth come November, don’t think for a second that the picture of Melania won’t creep into your head as you wonder what kind of INCREDIBLE scandal she could get herself into as the most powerful woman in the free world.

P.S. If Trump wins the election, I need more of this guy in my life. Such swagger. I may just start calling myself the Prince of Normandy. All-time great nickname, regardless of context.