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Am I A Hero For Hiring A Hero At Barstool Sports?




So as Ian Rappaport reported yesterday I hired Uncle Chaps. If you missed his intro he is a certified war hero. Purple Heart and everything, blah, blah, blah. Well this obviously begs the question does hiring a war hero make me a hero? The answer is simple. Absolutely not. I wasn’t the one in Iraq getting shot at. I wasn’t the one diffusing bombs. I’m not the one with PTSD. All I did was hire an American hero. All I did was send a message to Vets everywhere that America still cares. That the Internet still cares. All I did was send a message to every corporation in the United States to hire our Vets. That just because you got shot in the arm I’m not going to throw you in the trash. You’re not broken Uncle Chaps. You are a fully functioning member of society. No different than how Forest Gump saved Lt. Dan. Am I war hero? No. Am I an American hero? I’ll let the history books figure that one out.