This Fed-Up Nana Lets Loose

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WHEEWWW BOY. Nana is fed the fuck up about feeding this dude’s cat and I dont blame her. Responsibility, folks. Ever heard of it? This wonderfully kind older woman has most likely raised her share of great citizens and she’s ready for a break.

So she retires to a nice little neighborhood and punks like the guy filming this video show up and leave their cats roaming the neighborhood and accuse her of having dementia of all things. News Flash, camera man. Dementia affects the memory and my girl here clearly remembers each and every time she’s fed your cat. He’s lucky she didn’t wallygop the dog shit out of him.

I’m from the south. Those older ladies with the arthritic knuckles will leave a knot on your head so fast that you wont know what hit you. One minute you’re videotaping yourself talking shit to an old lady expecting thousands of retweets and the next thing you know, your ass is cat-less and you have a huge knot right above your ear.

We all know this lady is gonna end up adopting this cat because it’s painfully clear that dude in the video doesnt care about his cat nearly as much as he does for his dog (which is completely natural so I cant knock him for that). Usually the craziest person in the video on the internet is in the wrong but I side with the woman in this video. Feed your own fucking cat, guy.”