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A Guy Beating Up His Sister's Supposedly Abusive Boyfriend Is The Kind Of Street Fight Drama I Can Get Behind


Since I’ve gone on this street fight video kick, we’ve gotten to see a lot of fights where it’s people fighting over dumb shit for no reason. And that’s cool and all, but when you see so much of it, it’s sort of desensitizing, like watching Redzone and missing the action between the 20s or skipping around to 20 different videos during a porn bender. But when you throw in a real dramatic plot to the fight, I think it adds a little more weight to it all. The only thing that could have given this situation more dramatic heft is if the sister were there and didn’t pick a side until the very end, either standing up for herself and leaving with her brother OR a shocking heel turn where she defends the abusive boyfriend with a classic “But I loooooove heeeeeeem” return to his side.


But I’ll take just a sound thrashing by the guy defending his sister’s honor too. The only thing surprising to me is that he wasn’t even more relentless in the video once he had the guy down. Maybe he didn’t have any more in him but we’ve seen guys dish out head stomps and nasty kicks to people who’ve done nothing, much less allegedly beaten up a woman. The dudes watching harping on a “clean fight” made no sense; a fight over something like this should be some fight without honor territory, weapon shots and anything goes like an old school ECW match.