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Throwback: A Bunch Of Meatheads Get Into Argument Over How Many Days Are In A Week In Body Building Thread


Before we get started here, yes, I realize this thread is years and years ago. Before we get started here, yes, I realize that this thread was even posted on this very same website two January’s ago. But with how many new people have started to read Barstool Sports [dot] com since then and how easy it is to miss things on the internet regardless, I figured it’s about time we circle back on one of the greatest arguments in human history. An argument that will leave you questioning not only how many days are in a week, but the basic meaning of life as well. So sit back, buckle up and get ready to go on a ride. It all starts out in this thread on bodybuilding.com on whether it’s safe or not to do a full body workout every other day.


First off, m1ndless is kind of a hardo here right off the bat. I guess you shouldn’t expect anything less coming from a forum on bodybuilding, but still. Going to the gym 4-5 times a week for an hour and a half and pushing yourself each week? Relax, JJ Watt. Take it easy and just enjoy life as a normal dude like the rest of us. bodybuild-argument2

m1ndless gets called out right away because that’s what happens when you’re a hardo just for the sake of being a hardo. And by the basic principles of division, steviekm3 is right. There are only 7 days in a week so 7 divided by 2 is 3.5. Bet most of you didn’t even need a calculator for that. But this isn’t a math problem we’re talking about here. This is real life shit. And that’s where TheJosh comes in.


First off, love ending the comment with lol just as an additive “fuck you”. He’s 100% right. It is totally possible to go to the gym every other day for a week and go 4 times. Seems pretty cut and dry and seems like Justin-27 Just-isn’t able to think outside the box. But as we’ll see, it gets much less cut and dry along the way. bodybuild-argument4

TheJosh sticking to his guns and ending all of his comments with a zinger and an “lol”. That’s how you assert your dominance on the internet, people. Make the other guy feel like a complete R-word and you’ve put yourself in the driver seat.


Aaaaaaand here’s where things get a little tricky. Here’s where I start to lose faith in myself knowing how many days are in a week. Because Stevie is right. 2 weeks would technically start on that first Sunday and then end on the 2nd Saturday. Once you get to that last Sunday, it starts the 3rd week. Also, he’s right about the initial comment including “5 days a week”. Personally, I think it was more of just a throw away comment to say 4-5 instead of just 4, but you can’t say 4-5 and then ignore the fact that the 5 is a giant elephant curling in the squat rack. Need an apology for the 5 thrown into the mix that should have NEVER been there in the first place. bodybuild-argument6

Now my mind is in a pretzel because I have no idea whose side I’m on. Because Justin is right. That is 15 days. And I love that he’s cocky enough about the fact to just start throwing Spanish around at the end. Confidence wins arguments and that’s a fact. But I also like TheJosh just making up rules about not counting days so I’m going to at least see this one through all the way to see how it plays out.


Again, extra bonus points awarded to Justin for throwing out the phrase Fuktard. Don’t think that’s used enough anymore these days. And in terms of calendar weeks, yes, he is 100% right. If you’re going strictly based on Sunday-Saturday weeks and working out every other day, you can only work out 7 times. Here’s a graph that I drew up for all the kids at home who are visual learners.


Now this is where a lesser man would look at TheJosh and tell him that he’s lost this argument. Because in terms of calendar weeks, he’s wrong. Because Week 2 would end on that Saturday, therefore not getting that extra Sunday in for his 4th workout of the day. Justin-27 is a lesser man. As I said before, he is clearly unable to think outside the box.


RIP Arizona public schools. Sorry you had to get dragged into this. But again, TheJosh is dead set on this rule of just not counting days that are so obviously days that need to be counted. And when somebody is that set on their beliefs, well then I have no other choice to just side with them. bodybuild-argument10bodybuild-argument11

Now TheJosh could have done a much better job articulating himself here. I don’t think he really did himself any favors. But I’m finally starting to see where he’s coming from.


He laid this out before but now it’s finally starting to come to fruition. TheJosh isn’t talking about multiple weeks strung together on a calendar. He is taking his life week by week. And when you do that, yes, the first week goes from Sunday to Saturday. But his next week of workouts doesn’t START until Monday, meaning that week 2 ends on Sunday. What this comes down to is just a clear misunderstanding between the two juiceheads about the parameters of what constitutes as a week. Is it strictly the date on the calendar, or the date which the first workout occurs?


So I think we already solved this case but the two idiots decided to go back-and-forth for FIVE WHOLE PAGES of this shit. However, this is where I needed to stop because my brain has devolved into a bowl of applesauce. But what a journey these two took us on. There were ups and downs, highs and lows, plenty of unexpected twists and turns. It’s a tale of love, it’s a tale of betrayal, it’s a tale of how stupid people can be on the internet every single day. A type of story that hits you on all levels, both mentally and emotionally. And that’s all you can really ask for in life.