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Of Course RB Ryan Mathews Has Shattered His Shit Before Training Camp Has Even Begun


EAGLES – Ryan Mathews was placed on the non-football injury list Wednesday when he reported to training camp with an injured ankle. Mathews hurt the ankle while training last week. The injury is not considered serious, according to a league source. It’s an unfortunate way for Mathews and the Eagles to begin camp, though. With DeMarco Murray having been traded during the offseason, Mathews is poised to be the Eagles’ top running back. Injuries have been a concern with Mathews. He played a full 16-game season just once in his six-year career. The Eagles are already thin at running back. Darren Sproles is the only rusher besides Mathews with significant experience. Kenjon Barner has only 34 career carries, and Wendell Smallwood, Byron Marshall, and Cedric O’Neal are rookies.

Cute. Good thing we gave away the NFL rushing leader from two season’s ago for NOTHING before he’d fit into a system where he would excel (I know, I know, it was probably a good move for salary cap/personal reasons alone, but still, it hurt the RB depth big time). Now the likes of rookie Wendall Smallwood and pre-season MVP/regular season meh Kenjon Barner will have to carry the load if this injury lingers. And judging by Mathews’ past, it will. The man doesn’t have the greatest resume when it comes to staying on the field, and breaking his wheel right before the practices even start doesn’t bode well for the man. It’s been a real tough offseason for Mathews between this and his lady friend putting him on BLAST:

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A professional athlete slinging it on the side? GASP! Never thought we’d see the day! I originally wasn’t going to post this because, well, who gives a fuck? Big dogs gotta eat and pro athletes are the largest canines out of everyone. But Ryan Mathews standing there like a Goddamn pauper* waiting for his side piece (hooker?) to waddle in with her thong sticking out is a great image. Solid PI work by this hoochie mama. And yes, judging by the flood of incriminating texts/pictures I received in the last hour by my South Jersey friends, she may be the hoochiest of mamas. Bunnikay could give Bunny Lebowski a run for her money. She’s got a great high end escort look, though. I will give her that.

*No I have no idea what a pauper is/means. Just sounds like the perfect description.