This Guy Ripping Down Blue Lives Matter Ribbons In Staten Island Is A Grade-A Asshole

NY Daily News- A Black Lives Matter supporter is being vilified on social media after he was videotaped ripping down blue ribbons put up to support law enforcement. “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!” Stephen Anthony Varvaro yelled as he ripped down blue ribbons posted on trees and telephone poles in Castleton Corners, Staten Island. “All lives are not being persecuted right now … black lives are.”

The impromptu protest drew the ire of a police supporter behind the cellphone camera, who called Varvaro “disgusting.” The ribbons were placed on the poles to honor cops, and remember police officers killed in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in recent weeks as tensions between law enforcement and anti-cop protesters spiked.

Listen, I’m not going to act like I know how the fix the problems that have plagued the country with innocent black men and policemen losing their lives. It’s just a vicious cycle that has resulted in shitty incidents all over our country. But what I do know is ripping off ribbons in honor of the police that protect us or have fallen is most certainly NOT the way to go. Especially when its being done by some asshole wearing pink shorts and that haircut. This is the exact kind of guy that would be calling the cops if people were being loud outside his apartment late at night.

Also, while I have never seen what this driver looks like, every New Yorker somehow knows EXACTLY what he looks like just by hearing his accent. And based on the little bit I know about State Island, I am still shocked that the driver didn’t get out of his car and tear this dickhead to shreds and dump him somewhere in the landfill that is Staten Island after that last ribbon rip with a kiss and a “fuck you”. An admittedly Grade-A troll move by a Grade-A asshole.