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Rumor Has It Julian Edelman Knocked Up Barstool Legend Ela Rose



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TMZ -New England Patriots star Julian Edelman may have pulled a Tom Brady … allegedly knocking up a smokin’ hot lady … and then moving on to date a world-famous supermodel. TMZ Sports has learned … a Swedish model, named Ella Rose, has filed paternity docs in L.A. County Superior Court naming Edelman as the father of her unborn child. Multiple sources tell us … Edelman and Rose have had a casual relationship for about 2 years — but nothing was ever official between the two of them. Sources connected to the situation tell us Rose is 5 and a half months pregnant — and she’s very confident Edelman’s the daddy. We reached out to Edelman’s agent — who was very nice, but said he wouldn’t comment on Edelman’s personal life.


Edelman just following Brady’s every move lately.   Knocking up models up left and right.   Then moving on to dating supermodels before the kid is even born. I will say the TMZ article made Edelman sound like a dickhead and like he was running away from this.  That’s not what I’m hearing at all.   I have credible sources saying that he is handling it like a man just like Tom Brady did.  Listen its not his fault he is so good looking and chicks want to bang him.  You just got to roll with the punches.  Sometimes you slip one past the goalie and when you’re Julian Edelman every chick is gonna have that baby.