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DraftKings Has A Million Dollars For Whoever Comes In First In This Week's Fantasy Golf Tourney

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Last major of the year this weekend so it’s time to finally strike it rich. Draft your team of 6 golfers tonight and then sit back and enjoy. You don’t even have to make the cut to have seven figures in your pocket by the time to go to bed on Sunday night. Who says daddy doesn’t love you?




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Take a swing at $1,000,000 this week only:
- Enter DraftKings 1-week fantasy golf contest for golf’s last major
- First place wins $1,000,000
- Over 17,000 entries will share the $2,500,000 guaranteed prize pool
- Draft your team of 6 golfers
- Collect any winnings on Sunday night
- Spots are limited so be sure to draft your team early



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