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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Teacher Who Was Allowed To Keep Teaching Even After She Admitted To Sleeping With A Student?

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.36.17 AM

Daily Mail- A substitute teacher was allowed to carrying on teaching, even after she admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old student. Mary Haglin, 24, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has been charged with sexual exploitation following her illicit relationship with the teenage boy. But she claims school officials turned a blind eye to her actions, and even allowed her to look for jobs at other schools. She also insists that nobody called police after learning of her alleged abuse while she was teaching at Washington High School. ‘They didn’t ban me,’ she told The Gazette. ‘They never actually said they were banning me from school grounds, they never said they were banning me from working at any other school, they never said they were banning me from thus-and-so many feet of any school. They never said any of that.’ Haglin first had sex with the teenager in October 2015. Administrators first heard about the affair in February, but the allegations were unfounded. However Superintendent Brad Buck conducted a second probe, and told Haglin to leave. After she was let go from Washington High, she still had access to SubCentral, a database where substitute teachers could apply to other schools. She was accepted for two positions at Harrison and Madison elementary schools and taught until classes ended for the summer. Haglin added that school officials ‘knew full well that I was there’. ‘There was no way they could not have known. I’m sure that they were tracking me and checking me,’ she told the Iowa newspaper.



Cedar Rapids stand the fuck up! Greatest city in the whole damn world. Why wasn’t this happening when I was in high school though? There were for sure some teachers I would’ve……….given some extra credit to if you know what I mean. I mean sex. I would’ve like to have sex with a couple of my high school teachers is what I’m saying. By the way, the fact that this chick was allowed to keep teaching even after she admitted to fucking a student is maybe the greatest double standard in history. If this had been a guy teacher sleeping with a female student, he would’ve been arrested the second people caught wind of it. But a female teacher sleeping with a male student? Ehhhhhhh administrators will get to it when they get to it. They have a lot on their plate. And I totally know why. We all know why. Because a teenage male student having consensual sex with a hot female teacher is AWESOME. It’s a fantasy we’ve all had. Show me a guy who hasn’t thought about it and I’ll show you a liar. Nobody with a brain thinks it’s gross or weird. I just wanna give the kid a high five. Mad props.