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Slick Willie... Still Got It, Baby!

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Talk about greatness in a room. Two of history’s most famed and reviled cheaters, Bill Clinton and Lyla Garrity, hobnobbing in the green room while Hillary is out of town and Jason Street wheels around representing athletes. Gotta tip your cap to Wild Bill, however. You can see it in his face that he knows if he wanted to, he could. That kind of presidential power is something that never leaves a man’s psyche. Just look at that smirk and tell me I’m wrong. I can literally hear, “That’s right,” echoing in his skull in his voice. It’s outstanding. Be a cocksman is like being a member of the Night’s Watch, it’s not over until you die, and Bill’s got a solid six weeks left. Maybe even seven. But as long as that heart’s still beating it doesn’t matter if his eyes keep sinking in like he chose… poorly, he’s gonna keep slangin.