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I Can't Get Over The Absolute Lunatics Weeping In The Crowd For Bernie Sanders





I’m sure these Bernie maniacs would say this is akin to crying in the stands during a championship loss, but guess what? I make fun of those people too, so fuck them. This is, without a doubt, some of the most insane shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Openly weeping in the crowd at a motherfucking political convention because your candidate is saying to vote for the other candidate who actually won? If we want to stay with the championship analogy, this wasn’t a last second thing. This wasn’t a gut-wrenching moment followed by a flood of emotions, this shit has been coming down the pipe for like a month. You’ve had your time to go through the stages of grieving over the fact that a socialist won’t be on the ballot in November. To sit in the stands and weep is CRAZY. I mean I made fun of Republicans simply dancing at the convention last week and now these nut jobs come out here with their nose rings and Peter Pan hats like we’re just gonna let them skate? Not so fast, my friend! You guys are just as crazy, if not crazier, that those morons on the floor at the RNC. Fuck all of you. I hate your guts so much it makes me sick.