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AirBnB And the Kardashians Are Whoring Out Nantucket



TMZ – Kourtney Kardashian’s got her brood a crazy Nantucket estate for July … and Scott’s there too! Kourtney’s rented out a 7 bedroom, 8 bath Cape Cod pad, and it’s pretty spectacular. The pics were enticing enough for Scott to ask if he could tag along, and Kourt obliged. The house goes for $6,600 a night, but we’re told Airbnb hooked Kourtney up.

This trashbag is still on Nantucket? Gross. Send them back to the Hamptons where she blogs. And fuck Airbnb too. You don’t do trade deals with porn stars to advertise houses in Nantucket. Nantucket is like Tuscany. There should be no houses to rent here period.  Either you own or you go home.  Airbnb shouldn’t even be allowed on this island. Hey Airbnb you want to advertise Cape Cod? Go back to the strip malls at the Vinyard or where you belong. Nantucket is for the rich and famous who don’t like bragging about being rich and famous. For moguls who revel in their privacy. Not for splashy celebs who will do anything for a buck. Disgusting.