Josh Gordon Was Reinstated By The NFL But Will Miss The First 4 Games Of The Regular Season Due To Suspension

What a wonderful time to be an NFL fan. All the suspension news means that there is a hint of football in the air. Training camps are about to start, the sounds of the Hard Knocks theme are right around the corner, but we still have weeks of beautiful summer left. And it’s right around now that Josh Gordon believers (both Browns fans and fantasy owners) start to get their hopes up that this is the season he comes back and doesn’t fuck up again, followed by all the 420 memes, Johnny Football friendship jokes, and comparisons to every other suspension from Roger Goodell’s reign. Plus I’m not one to say that the NFL does shady business, but it’s hard not to say that when the league just made Patriots-Browns must watch football.

(Okay, that game may become a blowout since it is the first Tom Brady F You For Suspending Me game)

And don’t forget that Cleveland’s winning streak continues to roll along. Cavs win a chip, RNC hosts what had to be the most popular RNC (or any NC for that matter) in the history of our great country, and now this. And you can talk all you want about LeBron reversing whatever curse Cleveland had. But I think we all know where this winning streak started. At the top. The biggest celebrity in almost any NFL city is the quarterback. And Mr. Positivity just happens to be QB1 in Cleveland.


I believe the saying is “No pressure, no diamonds™ (-PFTCommenter)”. Time to cash in Believeland and kill this Vine once and for all, even though it would break my heart if this scream of despair became irrelevant.