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Warning: If You Run Up On Joe Budden In Real Life, He Will Chase Your Ass Down

And from the perspective of Joe’s car:

Well apparently we have reached the stage of the internet where the trolls have evolved to the point where they roll up on people in real life and start fucking with them. Maybe it’s been going on for a little while and just not been recorded or gone viral. I’m not sure. But now we have reached the point where people are recording it and are going up to RAPPERS of all people. Not to go old gray beard on you guys, but when I was a kid, rappers were the boogeyman that nobody fucked with. And obviously no random civilians was going up to rappers and talking shit. ESPECIALLY kids that talk the way they do in that video while also looking like this.

Can you imagine what Suge Knight would have done to a couple of fake ass Nasir Khan-looking assholes like that? Even Puffy and his dolphin teeth would have taken a bite out of those kids’ asses as they yelled to follow them on Twitter. You have to realize that you are messing with Joe Budden. That’s the kind of dude that picks up rocks to fight internet trolls while rocking a wife beater with holes in it like a legitimate crazy person.

And if Joe had beat those kids to death, I don’t think there was a jury in the world that would have convicted him. If you haven’t dreamed of murdering an internet troll, you have never read the ramblings of an internet troll. That simple. Fuck these kids.

And then of course Twitter did what it does best:


And while he looked like an absolute maniac during that entire video, I gotta give Joe Budden respect for at least having fun with it.

TL;DR- If you run up on someone at their home, you deserve to have your head bashed in with rocks after they chase you down like a madman.