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Joel Embiid Beat Justin Bieber In An Arm Wrestling Match. TRUST THE PROCESS

Step brothers.. Post celebration after winning the arm wrestling match against Bieber.. Stay tuned! #HydeNights

@justinbieber Vs @joelembiid Arm wrestling match at Hyde.. In all fairness Joel is 7 feet tall!.. Still had to take the bets and ref the match though.. In my element @taavcooperman @kingfrankiedelgado @noirrob #JustinBieber #JoelEmbiid #HydeSunset

Haters will bring up the fact that Joel Embiid hasn’t played a single meaningful minute of basketball in the two years since being drafted to the Sixers. They’ll do everything they can to discredit this man and all the progress he’s made during those 2 years. But after this display of dominance last night, what left is there to say? Did LeBron beat Bieber in an arm wrestling match this year? No. No he did not. Did Steph beat Bieber in an arm wrestling match this year? Not even once, but somehow he was still the MVP. Joel Embiid hasn’t even touched the floor yet and he’s already winning championships for the city of Philadelphia. Credit to Justin though. I know that everybody outside of this website likes to rag on the kid for being a lesbian, it took some serious cahones to take on this man in an arm wrestling match.


Diesel. Between working the Biebs in arm wrestling and dunking over 5’11” white boys, I’d say Joel Embiid is finally ready to become one of the greats.

Trust. The. Mother. Fudging. Process. Miss you forever, Sam. #HeDiedForOurSins