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A Woman Got Botched Breast Implants That Left Her Boobs Looking 'Like Crab Claws'






E! – On Botched, we meet patient Emily who explains what happened to her after having her breasts done. After waiting until the age of 32 for her [A-cup] breasts develop, Emily decided to have surgery to enhance her chest.

“So I went into surgery, I came out, I had these huge breasts that were hard and high and wide-set,” Emily explains in the clip above. “I had excessive scar tissue formation around both of my breasts. So at that point I had to have it removed. I started to run a really high fever, my breasts got very red, they were infected and my only option at that point was to have my implants removed right then and there.”

Then about two weeks after having her implants removed, Emily noticed her breasts were “getting harder and harder” and “rippling underneath.”

“They sort of have drawn in and that has caused my nipples to point downwards and now I keep my shirt on at all times, even during like intimate moments,” Emily admits.


I’ve talked many times in the weekly Tinder blog about that big titted confidence girls have and how it sometimes trumps any economic, educational, or cultural standing they may have. And if it’s that obvious to guys, it must be something that weighs on a poor chick like Emily who was sitting around with her A cups praying and rubbing those infomercial tit enlargement creams on herself until she was 32 before deciding to bite the bullet on some fakies. So I really couldn’t be more sympathetic to this poor chick going into get breast implant surgery and coming out with a couple of Krabby Patties on her chest. That feeling of getting gauze unwrapped like one of those old Twilight Zone reveals only to find out they completely mangled you must be an absolute nightmare in any circumstance but even if they fuck implants up by doing some of those tight bocce ball tits or giant overstuffed cannonball ones, at least they still resemble tits. This poor chick might as well have gotten random objects from the OR or blocks from the playroom in the pediatric ward inserted in there and it wouldn’t have been appreciably worse. That absolutely sucks.


Plus if you’re going to have tits that resemble a crab claw, you definitely want a nice juicy stone crab claw from a Joe’s Stone Crab. Soft, tender, goes perfect with their house mustard, that’s what you want in a crab titty. Poor Emily couldn’t even get that, had to settle for some Long John Silver caliber crab titties at best. Impossible to have more failures on that doctor’s part, hope this chick took him to the cleaners in a malpractice suit.