Jon Stewart Hopped Behind Colbert's Desk And Unleashed On Donald Trump And The RNC


JONNY STEWART! Back from the dead! I love Jon Stewart. Always have. The dude is whip smart and, whether you agree with what he has to say or not, the way he delivers comedic material on political topics is outstanding. And he FINALLY came back after sitting on the sidelines of the lunacy that has been the 2016 presidential election.

I remember when Stewart stepped down last August. Me and everyone else was thinking, “What the fuck is he doing? Sure he wants to spend more time with his family but this upcoming election is going to provide unmatched material for him to torpedo night after night.” And it did. This election cycle was the craziest thing that these eyes have ever seen. Trump and Hillary have been clinically insane. Between Muslim bans and hot sauce in purses, it has been a gold mine. But what happened in Stewart’s absence is it made him even more famous. It made us realize just how good he was. Because as it turns out (and we kinda knew this already) nobody can do it as good as him. Nobody can skewer politicians like Jon Leibowitz, left or right. Not CBS-version Stephen Colbert, not Seth Meyers, definitely not Trevor Noah. The only people who came close were Samantha Bee and Jon Oliver. But they’re both on just once a week and Oliver doesn’t always cover politics. It’s like Stewart knew. Like a player who should win the MVP award because it turns out the team is so bad without him. So it was cool to see him hop behind Colbert’s desk just to see if he could still do it. Turns out he can. Really well.