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This Politician From Last Night's RNC Was Pure Electricity

That right there is a leader of men, folks. Dude has the pipes, the conviction, and the “it” factor to govern the highest office in America. And I guarantee he can rock the helllll out of a “USA!” chant. That was probably Donald Trump’s biggest weakness last night. His USA chant was a soft 4 at best. But this guy is Presidential material if I’ve ever seen it. And considering that The Donald and The Hilldawg are the two most disliked candidates in the history of that one Presidential poll, is it really so crazy to think this guy can get into the Oval Office by being a wrestling manager with a suit on? America has been looking for a third candidate and I think we found it. Beceause while I still don’t know who this guy is, I do know he had my vote for President locked up once he pulled off that “Never…never” gesture at the end of that video. Dusty Rhodes may have died last year, but his spirit lives on in this politician.

Also shout out to this kid trying to get it in at the convention with the “Hey babe, the cameras are on us” move.