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We Finally Got An Explanation Of How The Red Sox Came Up With Their Outfield Dance

Great job by the Red Sox marketing department here. I don’t usually say that, because it’s usually force-feeding the fans custom bricks, come see our plaques, and the Wally Wave when the Red Sox are 30 games back of first place. But finally, they’re starting to catch on that it’s not just 11-year-olds who like the Red Sox, and, to borrow a line from John Farrell, this is great stuff. I love this team. It’s a lot of the same players from the last two years when the team was finishing in last place, but we’re starting to see these once-top Red Sox prospects who were just trying to find their way in 2014, now becoming stars before our very eyes. And, as you can see, they’re fun to watch, easy to root for, and the chemistry that this team has in 2016 has made following this season that much more enjoyable.

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Also, I’m definitely going to be using this gif a lot from here on out.