Rugby Player Suspended For 8 Games Because He Bit His Opponents Dick

(Source) The ex-Sydney Rooster and North Queensland player was accused of biting a rival player during the Tugun Seahawks’ preliminary final win over Bilambil Jets . Video footage of the incident shows the Jets player reeling away in pain after clashing with Watts near the goal line. He then quickly pulled down his shorts to show the damage to a referee who immediately placed Watts on report.  It’s the latest in a series of incidents for Watts, who has admitted to joining the Finks bikie gang since moving to the Gold Coast. Last week he was fined for driving while suspended and in June he was convicted and fined for affray following a brawl at the Cooly Rocks nostalgia festival.



So I guess the question here is would you bite someone in the dick to win a rugby match? It’s like Bodhi says in Point Break “If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price”. Well there is nothing more ultimate than winning a Rugby match, and if that means you have to put another man’s penis in your mouth to get it done then so be it. And I know a bunch of people will so, that’s so gay bro, you would bite dicks to win games. Well the answer is yes, yes I would, because as the old saying goes, it’s not gay until someone cums.


Vote 1 for yeah I’d bite a dick and 10 for no way.


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Remember earlier this week when I said every team needs that crazy guy. The guy who will bash someone in the face with a helmet? Well yeah, I think the guy who is literally in a biker gang and bites penises to gain inches fits the bill.



Double PS


I went to google Anthony Watts and this was the first picture that came up.

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Face of a great blogger if you ask me.