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The Trailer For Narcos Season 2 Just Dropped And It Is LIT



Let’s goooooooooooo. I had completely forgotten about Narcos. Literally. There is so much TV happening at all times that a show I really liked and really got into can completely fall out of existence in my brain. That’s how much is happening with TV in the year 2016. Narcos is exactly what you want it to be and it knows it. You like guns, drugs, money, explosions, power struggles and sex all mixed together? Then Narcos is the show for you (AKA for everyone because everyone likes a show about those things). It takes all of the procedural aspects of a show like The Night Of and throws them out of a helicopter. The show wants you to have fun and you will. Narcos is basically the movie Blow but stretched into a less-serious Netflix series and without Boston George. If you haven’t seen Season 1 that’s fine because it’s one of the easiest shows to binge over the course of a weekend. That’s how I watched it. So easy in fact that the show has a narrator who tells you everything that’s happening. Highly recommended.