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Shout Out To Bubba The Dog Who Is No Longer Addicted To Heroin After Being Rescued From His Junkie Owner

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ORANGE – Bubba, a Jack Russell terrier-Chihuahua puppy found high on methamphetamine in Tustin four months ago, is drug-free and has a new family. The spunky, seven-month-old white and tan puppy bounded through a visiting area at Orange County Animal Care on Wednesday morning, chasing a small orange ball and taking treats from shelter staff and volunteers. The pup had just been cleared for adoption. “We just want a nice warm home with a heart for animals,” said Jennifer Hawkins, shelter director and chief veterinarian. Bubba has been at the shelter since March after being rescued by OC Animal Care from a drug-infested motel room in Tustin – a rescue that made national and worldwide headlines and went viral on social media. Just about eight weeks old, Bubba was found huddled in a corner, listless and near death.




Just a quick shout out here. Not an especially funny story from the outset until you find out it has a happy ending. Bubba the dog has officially kicked his drug habit and now has a new home and is heathy. Bubba is no longer prowling the streets for that next score and that next hit. I have trouble wrapping my brain around the idea that a dog can kick a heroin habit. For instance, if a human is addicted to heroin, they can understand when other humans tell them that heroin is killing them. Doing heroin might feel great (not sure, never done it) but at least we can let that person know, “Hey that stuff is 150% going to kill you some day.” It’s not the same at all with a dog. We are unable to tell dogs how horrible heroin is for them. All the dog knows is that heroin makes them feel awwwwwwwwwesome. That’s it. And why stop doing something when it unilaterally feels awesome? Ignorance truly is bliss when it comes to a heroin-addcited dog. I’m happy that Bubba got clean though. Best of luck with your new family you little ball of joy.


This story Louis CK told on Conan expresses my point much better than I’m able to