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Unarmed, Black Behavioral Therapist Gets Shot While His Hands Are Up And He's Trying To Calm His Autistic Patient Down





Comment sections and trolls all over the internet love to say, “Just listen to cops and obey the law and you won’t get shot!” but I’m not sure what the fuck else a guy is supposed to do in this situation. Guy is laying on his back, with his hands in the air, pleading to not get shot and screaming “I’m unarmed,” while he simultaneously tries to care for the young man he’s responsible for, and he still ends up with a bullet in him. That’s insanity. That’s absolute fucking insanity. You really need this kind of set-up going?


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It’s not a shootout at the OK Corral, it’s a dude playing with a toy truck while his caretaker lays on the ground and tells you he’s an unarmed behavioral therapist.


I can’t imagine how stressful that situation must have been for this dude, begging for an autistic man to calm down so either one, or both, of you don’t get your heads blown off. That, “Rinaldo! Rinaldo PLEASE be still! Lay on your stomach, Rinaldo!” shit was so horrible to watch. Only place worst than between Scylla and Charibdis is between police bullets and an autistic man.


The only thing worse than that was the cop’s response to “Why did you shoot me?” being “I don’t know.” Not sure how Charles Kinney is so calm about the situation because I’d lose my fucking mind and wouldn’t stop screaming forever. You don’t know why you shot me, officer?! YOU DON’T KNOW WHY YOU SHOT ME?!? You’re supposed to have at least a bad fucking reason, DUDE!


Shout out to Charles for sneaking in the comment about the bullet feeling like a mosquito bite, though. Pretty fucking badass. “So the bullet tore through my flesh and it’s like… well, you’ve been to a backyard bbq before, right? Ok so yeah, you know the feeling I’m talking about, a little mosquito bite.” Uhhh sorry, Charles. I feel terrible for you and everything but I’m going to have to disagree strongly with that statement. Bullets hurt us normal people way more than mosquitoes do.