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What Is Steve-O Up To Nowadays, You Ask? Oh Just Making Trick Shot Videos Involving Boobs



You wanna talk about wild cards? Steve-O may be the biggest wild card in the history of wild cards. You could tell me anything about Steve-O at this point and I’d believe you. This is a guy who’s an alum of the illustrious Jackass empire. This is a guy who once did cocaine with Mike Tyson in a bathroom and hashed out race relations in America. He also said the N word in front of Mike Tyson and lived to tell the story. This is a guy who got arrested for climbing a crane with an inflatable dolphin to protest SeaWorld. He’s met Mike Tyson and he also happens to be in the Tyson Zone. So yeah, him hanging around his house doing trick shots into a hot chick’s cleavage seems par for the course. I can’t tell if he’s doing it ironically or not but I’m just glad Steve-O is still alive. Keep on keeping on sir.



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