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Boomer Reacts To Sydney Esiason's Appearance On Mailtime

Listen to the full episode here:


You guys ever see “The Jinx” on HBO? The story of how Robert Durst murdered his wife and like a thousand other people? Anyway during that show everyone said how Robert Durst’s wife always said “If something ever happens to me, make sure you check out Bob.” Well thats me with the Booms. At this point Booms has to be at the top of the list of people most likely to murder me. Its like 3. Blindos, 2. Hondurans 1. Boomer Esiason. If I ever end up missing or dead, Boomer Esiason is Suspect 1A.

Booms for Mailtime! I think me and Boomer should do a fair trade – he does Mailtime, I let him punch me directly in the face as hard as he can one time. Everybody wins! Minus my face. But you win, he wins, Mailtime wins. Cmon Booms? Whadda ya say?