Trump's Plane Interrupting Ted Cruz's Rally Is The Greatest Troll Of All Time



Listen. I don’t know if that was planned or not. It wasn’t planned because that basically impossible but it was the first time it’s ever crossed my mind that I might become a Trump guy. I’m not gonna become a Trump guy, but that was exquisite. Ted Cruz trying to rationalize getting stomped out and bullied by Trump and HERE COMES THE TRUMP PLANE right over his shoulder. Almost as if to say, “I am everywhere, Lyin’ Ted. Don’t even fucking think about talking about me. Keep my name outta your mouth.” Poor Ted. He can’t even hold his own rally without Trump becoming the center of attention. Sad!


By the way, is Ted Cruz really feeding people the line, “Well we beat everybody…….except for one guy. We came in second so that’s pretty great”? Ok Ted. Tell’em Nelly.