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Marathon Runner Crushing His Dick And Balls On A Post Is Yet Another Reason To Never Exercise



Anybody I have ever known who has run a marathon instantly regrets it. That’s the #1 takeaway I’ve gotten from friends who have done it. Whether it be chaffed nipples, blisters, exhaustion, their piss being like toothpaste, shin splints, torn knee ligaments, etc. The list goes on and on. They enjoy being healthy enough to run 26.1 miles but the human body is not supposed to run 26.1 miles. It’s just not. Too many things can go wrong. Well we can now add “Getting your dick and balls smashed to smithereens by a pole” as another reason to not run a marathon. You know who doesn’t have torn knee ligaments, smashed testicles and chaffed nipples? This guy. This guy writing this blog has perfectly in-tact nipples, balls and knees. And same goes for all the other sane people out there who haven’t and never will run a marathon. Are some of us on the fast track to diabetes that’ll force us to have limbs lopped off? Yeah maybe but at least we’re not stupid enough to run 26 miles when cars exist.