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Leslie Jones Had a Twitter Meltdown Because She Couldn't Handle Twitter Racists Trolling Her

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EW - The Ghostbusters star took to Twitter on Monday to call out a small but vocal segment of social media users who have hurled racist and sexist insults at her. “You won’t believe the evil,” Jones said of the vitriol she’s encountered. “It’s f???ing scary.” Among the hateful messages she has received, Jones has been called an ape and sent obscene pictures, including one depicting her with semen on her face. “I’m tryin to figure out what human means,” she tweeted. To further illustrate her point, Jones posted screenshots of some of the many offensive remarks toward her.


I know I probably shouldn’t laugh, but the thought of Leslie Jones at her computer, seeing people photoshop her name into tweets, and then losing her god damn mind is a really funny visual. “I DIDN’T WRITE THAT! MAKE IT STOP!” I don’t really get who this “nero” guy is, but I guess he’s the ring-leader of this whole campaign to fuck with Leslie Jones, and man, they made her lose her fucking mind.

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What are you even talking about, Leslie Jones?? Eating spinach???? If you go to her Twitter, she must have fired off 100 tweets last night about the hate she was getting. And I mean, there’s some really hateful shit. Like, really hateful. Also a lot of Harambe jokes. But she kept on posting them and posting them and RTing them and RTing them, so people kept on sending them and sending them


Stuff like that. I’m not saying she’s at fault or deserves for people to harass her or whatever, but is this her first day on the Internet? People are fucking assholes. The Internet sucks. It’s where people can be the worst of the worst and get away with it. It’s one of the unfortunate tradeoffs of her starring in one of the biggest movies of the summer and having millions of dollars in her bank account, strangers on the Internet are going to say mean things to you. I think most, if not all, people would take that trade-off any day.

So she went on this long rant about humanity and hate and what it all means. I don’t know. I don’t see stuff in absolutes so I see she has a point, but we’re talking about TWITTER. Nobody is making her sit on Twitter. Everyone knows by now Twitter is a hateful place and she’s willingly putting herself in that situation. It’s impossible to censor Twitter. So you either deal with it or you don’t get on Twitter. It’s not like you NEED to read mentions or anything. I don’t know what it’s like to have racism spewed at me, but if I couldn’t handle it, I wouldn’t put myself in that situation, because I’m 1000000% positive Twitter isn’t going to magically get rid of the racists overnight. Harsh reality? Maybe. Sucks? Certainly. But I’d just go count the millions of dollars in my bank account and realize I’m rich and successful and the Twitter racists are sad and pathetic and feel a lot better about myself.


PS: Fucking Twitter CEO Jack reached out to her.

Kind of a tough spot for him. “Yeah I know the company I run is pure shit, my b”.


PS: I guess it’s sort of nice to see celebs have feeling like the rest of us, but how much money does it take to not have feelings? I feel like if I starred in a huge movie and could buy a boat and some good drugs, I’d be spending a lot more time on a boat doing drugs and a lot less time on Twitter being compared to Harambe.