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Chris Christie Continues His Role As Trump's Lapdog At RNC Even Though He Was Dicked Out Of VP

That fupa knows no limits.

So let me get this straight. Not only did the NJ Gov fail to get the VP position, but he found out through a third party in the media. Chris Christie has been humiliated, beaten, and abused by The Donald for MONTHS solely to gain that nomination. Like, seriously smacked around like the fat kid on the playground. I guess the Gov will never have the balls to tell Trump to go fuck himself. They’re still there, Chris, even if you haven’t seen them since the ’80’s. Remember when Trump told Christie to stop eating Oreo’s? Never get in between an obese man and his snacks. Christie should’ve ended the relationship right then and there after being disrespected to his gravitational gunt.

Power move on power move. Love The Donald just turning around and ordering his fat pawn to stop eating Oreos because he was fake done with them, too. It’s hilarious to the core. But Trump can only take things so far with Chris Christie. Donald bitched around and disrespect the Governor all he wants with little to no reprocussions. Remember when Trump basically hit Christie over the nose with a newspaper and told him to go home? And of course the lapdog obeyed and instantly hopped on the plane. Trump could’ve told him to fetch and Christie would’ve Weeble-Wobbled his way across the stage. But don’t you ever, EVER get in between a fat man and his snacks, especially this one. Chris Christie may be the only living specimen to gain weight after a Lap-Band surgery. The man pours his M&M’s into a bigger box of M&M’s for fuck’s sake. By jokingly taking away his favorite sweet Trump could turn a diabetic Bruce Banner into The Incredible Gunt. A total Lay Off Me I’m Starving situation gone atomic where nobody is safe. Or maybe he finally releases Stewie Griffin from his pants to wreck havoc on the world. Tread carefully, Trump.