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Shout Out To This Guy Who Went Out To Celebrate A New Job, Got Drunk And Ended Up On The Glass Roof Of A 75-Foot Building

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CN- A labourer passed out 75ft in the air on the glass roof of a shopping centre after downing six pints to celebrate landing a new job, a court heard. Isaac Moore, 27, was out celebrating with friends when he climbed to the top of the Grand Arcade shopping centre in Cambridge on Saturday. He miraculously managed to scale the curved glass roof without injuring himself, before falling asleep face down as shoppers looked up at him in disbelief. Shocked members of the public called the emergency services, resulting in firefighters having to climb up and wake him up, before safely lowering him to safety. Prosecutor Giles Beaumont told Peterborough Magistrates’ Court that Moore had been drinking in a nearby pub shortly before the incident.



Listen, it would hypocritical for me to shame this guy. I don’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to drunken tomfoolery. Nobody should shame this guy actually. We’ve all been there. If we started telling all of our horror stories from nights of drinking we’d be here for eternity. Everybody has climbed something, broke something, said something or pissed on something. These things happen when a human ingests so much alcohol the brain literally doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s called being young on planet Earth. And hey, that guy only gets to celebrate that new job once. Might as well blow that fucking celebration out, get lit like a Christmas tree and scale a 75-foot roof. It happens. The biggest red flag is that the article says he only drank 6 beers. Clearly not much of a drinker if 6 = passed out on a glass roof. At least he kept all his clothes on. Lesson learned I suppose.