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Watch Texas A&M Commit TJ Starks Snap A Defender's Groin Muscle In Half

TJ Starks out here Shiftin' in Dallas Video By: @bradballislife #Ballislife

A video posted by Ballislife (@ballislife) on

I like nasty ball handling soooooo much more than dunks. Unless it’s an in-game, nuts-in-your-face, live action absolute posterization, dunks are a dime a dozen. But legitimately putting a defender on skates and watching his ankles turn inwards on themselves while groin muscles snap like accordion strings is such a rare, beautiful sight. TJ Starks channeling a vintage mix of AI and Tim Hardaway.

I will say though that I do subtract a full point on it for the missed layup. Missing the jumper after making a guy fall over puts such a black mark on it…missing a layup is just so much worse. Getting his own rebound and the put back though? That’s +0.3. Which brings us to a 9.3 on the play.

Should be fun to watch play twice a year against Kentucky.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.27.55 AM


6 feet huh? Seems a little generous.