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The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Is Now Selling His Very Own Vodka


Love it. I would drink the shit outta that vodka and I’m not even really a vodka guy. The only time I really like vodka is when it’s in a John Daly drink but The Mountain seems like a cool dude so I’d be down to slam some shots with him. He doesn’t seem like your typical meat head. He actually seems like a normal dude who just so happened to be born into a body that’s 6’9 tall and weighs 400 pounds that can squash heads. How many bottles do you think it takes for that behemoth to even feel a buzz? Three? Four? He’s gotta be a tank since he’s literally built like one. Oh and he’s fucking Icelandic. They can drink, right? Then once he’s drunk he’s liable to pick you cup and throw you across the bar. Just guys being dudes is all.


PS- Not that I’m thinking about it or anything but does he just split girls in half when he fucks them? What does that even look like? Are girls scared of that or are they into it? Again, I’m not thinking about it. I’m just wondering.