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AUDIO: Darryl Strawberry Says He Used To Have Sex In The Clubhouse During Games...New Darryl Throwbacks On Sale Now

I am 100% positive I’ve already blogged about someone on the 80’s Mets telling the story about how the bat boys used to pluck chicks out of the crowd for them to bang. But yesterday Darryl made waves when he was on Sirius XM and said he used to fuck chicks in the clubhouse, during games, while he was in the lineup that day. Absolutely outrageous. Not surprising, though. You could tell me ANY story from Doc and Darryl and the gang and I wouldnt bat an eyelash.

The 30 for 30 last night was good stuff. I’m sure it was more eye opening for a lot of non Mets fans. I feel like growing up I just heard all of the stories already. Doc missing the parade, Doc on the back of the bus, the rape case, the suicidal thoughts. Its all fascinating stuff and the show was well done. It just wasnt anything new. I had to turn it off right after the part about Doc’s no hitter with the Yankees. Couldnt stand to watch the rest of that documentary with them going on to win titles in Pinstripes.

As a Mets fan I’m just happy I was only a few years old when they flushed everything down the toilet. If that were to happen today, I dont think I’d ever recover. If the Mets had 2 LOCKS for the Hall of Fame – one of which perhaps having the chance to be the greatest of all time – and everyone basically agreed they were going to win multiple titles, and they both simultaneously threw it all away in a matter of like 2 seasons, I would absolutely LOSE IT. I dont think I’d ever stop thinking about “what could have been?” and thats just from a fan’s perspective watching on my couch. I cant even imagine what they feel knowing they were two of the greatest of all time and just ended up junkies in jail. Almost ANY other era and they’d be safe. Nowadays there’s too much of a chance to get caught doing drugs and shit. A decade before or a decade after, cocaine wasnt as prevalent. But the Mets happened to land one of the best hitters and best pitchers of a generation at the same exact time, in the wrong city, in the wrong decade. Brutal luck.