We Had Two Eliminations Last Night As The Challenge Gets Down To The Nitty Gritty


Last night’s episode started off with Ashley and Cory getting sent home by Christina and Nate. We can officially put Cory in the Popcorn Muscle department, right? You cannot I repeat CANNOT be a considered a contender if you get sent home by a sewer rat like Nate and a disposable character like Christina. I couldn’t care less about Cory going home and trying to repair his reputation as a personal trainer. But losing someone as kinda hot and definitely thigh tattoo crazy as Ashley hurt a lot.

Luckily to lighten the mood, we had the return of one of my favorite running Challenge gags of Wes going super hardo and talking about how awesome he thinks he is in real life.

What do you need to get a meeting with Wes? I feel like a phone or email address gets it done. Becayse that dude is the epitome of all things Erlich Bachmann stands for (replace weed with probable PED use)

Remember when Wes talked about owning 30 companies, a bunch of fancy cars and a monster truck? Good times.


You gotta be shitting me. That is $450,000 more than I would have guessed he was worth. Google must have a decimal problem or something.

In other news, this will never EVER make sense to me. I don’t care if Nicole is the Many Faced God. Nate is the Single Face Sewer Rat. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills whenever they are in a bed together.

What is the L word? It can’t be love, right? How does anyone, let alone a (when made up) hot girl like Nicole fall in love with a crybaby quitter? Chicks, man. And if that wasn’t enough, this scene led to the Twitter death of our pal JJ, who has been courting Nicole for weeks much to the chagrin of his own wife.


Getting verbally killed by your real life and Twitter killed by your wannabe internet mistress. You know what to do, Internet.

Anyway, last night’s challenge involved, tell me if you’ve ever heard of this before, doing a challenge on a tall scaffold hanging over water. Wild, right?!? However I will promise not to get mad about scaffolding over water challenges as long as people continue to tweet me a reminder of the time Shauvon’s implant exploded that one time she fell and her boobs crash landed on the water.

As usual, Nate and Christina lost the challenge. But the real loser was Dario for holding his nose when falling into the water. If you pull this move, I already know all I need to know about you. L-7 weeeeenieeeee.

As for the elimination, Bananas has gotten to the point where people just nominate themselves. He doesn’t even have to say their name.


Now the elimination stunk, but Christina and Nate went home, which is good for both the viewers and JJ’s sanity I suppose.

In current news, Nany apparently is leaving the cycle of nonstop partying and madness that is Challenge life to go back to school.

Call it a hunch, but something tells me that Nany’s jersey won’t be retired in the rafters for very long.

And that goes double for fellow Challenge retiree Camila, who tweeted a #TBT today of a picture that was taken literally two days ago.

God I love those two. Not in a “They are America’s Sweetheart” way like Jenna. But in a “Man those two chicks were crazy and cried all the time, but goddammit they were fun to watch on The Challenge. And damn those girls look good.

Anyway, if you want to hear more about The Challenge, JJ’s death, Wes’ meetings, Nany’s heartbreak, Bananas playing puppetmaster again, and more, listen to the latest No Quitters podcast.

Also I usually don’t do this, but last night’s Best Challenge Moments was A+ viewing for anyone that appreciates the glory days of the show. Just click the picture below (You may have to login to your cable provider, I’m not sure).