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Dude On The Subway Eating A Stick of Butter Like A Candy Bar

This is the sorta shit that scares me way more than the usual Subway shit. When its a drug addict junkie homeless person thats ranting and raving, grinding naked on the floor, passed out and drooling, etc etc thats just standard shit. Thats a crazy person fucked up on drugs. Fucked up from living outdoors 24/7. There are always going to be vagrants and addicts and crazy people. But this is a seemingly regular ass person eating a stick of butter like a goddam Charleston Chew. To me that is infinitely weirder than a person who has failed at every aspect of life and is just a creature. Those people are sub human. This dude appears to be a regular human and then goes and pulls a stunt like this and leap frogs the animals for title of “Craziest.” Like I bet you could ask the subway skells if they’d like a stick of butter to eat and even they would be like “Um, what? No dude. Thats disgusting. Who the fuck would eat a stick of butter like that? Only a crazy person.”

All I know is this guy needs to meet up with the Mason Jar Coffee Chick.  Eat sticks of butter and drink out of buckets together underground like some sort of socially inappropriate power couple.