High School Football Player Takes Off Opponents Helmet And Bashes Him In The Face With It


A standout player for the Hamburg High School football team may face charges after a fight during a game Friday where he hit an opposing player with a helmet. According to reports from WGAL-TV in Lancaster, South Annville Township Police Chief Ben Sutcliffe said he is looking into whether charges should be filed against Joey Cominsky, a senior starting quarterback and safety for Hamburg. Cominsky was involved in a fight during Friday’s game at Annville-Cleona High School in Lebanon County. Sutcliffe told WGAL that the department is investigating the incident, but hasn’t yet decided whether or not charges are warranted.

Video aired by WGAL shows a play in the third quarter that finishes with several players pushing and shoving each other. Cominsky can be see ripping the helmet off Annville-Cleona player Josh Hartman, who ends up laying on the ground. Cominsky then swings the helmet at Hartman, hitting him twice.



Well that escalated quickly. Simple little shoving after the whistle and next thing you know people are getting bashed over the head with helmets and taking flying punches to the face. And look, I know this kid will be kicked off the team and  rightfully so but I have to say, if you’re his teammate, you have to love the hustle. Every team needs a crazy guy. A guy that you know when shit starts going down he’ll take things up a notch. A guy the other team is legitimately afraid of. You need him, it gives you that edge. It’s like an enforcer in hockey, or a Dennis Rodman/Ron Artest/Charles Oakley type. Sometimes you have to send a message to everyone that you can’t fuck with us, and sometimes that message is sent by taking off your opponents helmet and bashing him in the skull while he can’t physically defend himself.