Breaking: eBay Has Officially Banned Human Skulls From Being Sold On Their Site

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Sky- eBay has banned the sales of human body parts after hundreds of mystery skulls were sold for up to $5,500 (£4,150). Until last week, the auction site had allowed the sale of skulls and skeletons “intended for medical use”. But because no proof of the usage was needed, it is believed many were simply sold as macabre curios. It has been suggested by one academic that many of the skulls may have originated from India and China, and may be from disinterred human remains. A study by the Louisiana Department of Justice in Baton Rouge tracked skull sales on eBay for seven months. During that time, it said 237 people listed 454 skulls for sale, with opening bids reaching up to $5,500. This week eBay updated its terms of service, adding skulls and skeletons to its list of prohibited sale items. Tanya Marsh, from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, told the New Scientist: “We should have strong moral problems with that. “They don’t say how long the skeletons have been skeletons. “You can’t tell just by looking at them. “It’s possible that some of them are disinterred human remains.”



Oh did you wanna buy a human skull off eBay? TOO FUCKING LATE! You can’t anymore. It’s against the rules. You missed the boat. eBay started in 1995. That means you had 21 years to buy a human skull off their site but NO MORE! That has officially been added to the “prohibited” list on their website. It”s been a long time coming. If we’re being honest, this is probably a good idea. Not only because it’s not cool to sell human body parts ever but also because the people who still use eBay in 2016 are exactly the type of people who would buy a human skull off the internet. I was shocked to find out eBay was even still up and running. Y’all ever heard of Amazon? It’s only the biggest online market place on the planet and delivers stuff in about 20 minutes. The fact that eBay hasn’t gone the way of MySpace is baffling. Then again, when your site peddles human remains I bet that keeps you afloat for a few extra years.