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Eagles LS/Magician Jon Dorenbos Brought Down The House AGAIN On 'America's Got Talent'

Jon Dorenbos did it again! Still waiting on him to make last season disappear. Regardless, he might be just starting to taking over America’s Got Talent.

Last night they showed Jon’s new girlfriend (who is somehow even hotter than his ex-wife) and his aunt who has become his mom. If you have the time, check out the Real Sports special Bryan Gumble did a few years back – Here. It shows that Dorenbos had one of the toughest upbringings as a child, yet still to this day is probably one of the nicest and most down to earth athletes this town has to offer.

For the magic trick itself, it so great. Why? Because Dorenbos is part comedian and part magician when he is up on stage showing his tricks and I still can’t figure out how in the holy hell he made that trick happen last night. That is what is so good about Dorenbos, you get lost in his comedy and the way he commands a stage for a little bit and forget you’re watching magic and then BOOM! He hits you in the face with an insane move like last night.

I also love how they showed the other magician in the back and his reactions to everything Dorenbos does since they polar opposites. poor kid doesn’t even stand a chance and he knows it.

Dorenbos can do no wrong and Tuesday night was another example of that. Here’s the first offering: