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Woman Playing Pokemon GO Walks Right Through A News Weather Broadcast



Fake? I actually don’t think so. The guy’s reaction seemed pretty genuine like, “What the fuck are you doing, Allison? I’m trying to do my thang here.” Fake or real, it doesn’t really mater. Either way Pokemon GO has officially taken over the world. People can’t stop won’t stop playing the game. People are getting robbed because of it. People are stumbling onto dead bodies. I love it. Let the chaos commence. Only a matter of time before people are leaping off bridges to catch a Charmander. It might even be me. Who knows. I love Pokemon but haven’t thrown myself into Pokemon GO yet. I’m still holding out hope that Pokemon cards will make a comeback now. By the way, if that video isn’t fake, that would mean the woman actually wasn’t paying attention to anything but catching a Pokemon. She could’ve been walking right into highway traffic and not cared one bit. It’s actually more evident that Pokemon GO has taken over the world if the video is fake. That would mean a news station plotted and planned a Pokemon GO bit and debuted it live on the air.