This Lady Drinking Coffee Out Of A Mason Jar On The Subway Must Be Out Of Her Damn Mind

The Summer of Weirdos marches on! Now granted this chick isn’t quite on the level of the naked floor grinder or the guy clipping a woman’s toenails. But I truly believe that eating or drinking anything on the subway is straight up loco. Subway air is the most putrid thing on Earth. Just recycled over and over in that labyrinth cesspool as invisible (and probably very visible) rat hairs float around. I don’t even like to open my mouth on the subway, let alone consume something. So to drink out of a mason jar with a huge opening at the top is just begging for the ingredients of the next black plague to hop into your morning joe. And don’t get me wrong, this is not about mason jars. I love mason jars. Mason jars are the resuable, glass version of the Solo cup. Common man stuff through and through. But no mason jar should ever see the insides of the subway just like no drink or food should see the insides of the subway. I don’t care if you are thirsty, hungry, or just a hipster that wants attention. If you consume anything in the subway, whether you are waiting at a stop or riding on a train, you might as well just lick a subway pole.

Also as I was blogging this I realized this chick looks like a grown up Arya Stark and now I can’t unsee it.