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Of Course Lenny Dykstra Dicked Over The Guy Who Worked "18 Hour Days" To Run His Twitter Account


NYDN – Lenny “Nails” Dykstra has gotten nailed with another lawsuit. Dykstra, the former center fielder for the Mets and Phillies who’s had a slew of legal problems since his retirement, was slapped with a lawsuit Friday by his social media ghost writer. Noah Scheinmann says in papers filed in Manhattan federal court that Dykstra, 53, signed a written contract in May, hiring Scheinmann to create a social media presence to promote Dykstra’s new book, “House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge.” Scheinmann worked 18 hour days from May 10 to June 4, writing Twitter feeds that attracted national media attention and got the steroided slugger several talk show gigs and an appearance at Live Nation, according to court papers. The papers say Dykstra heaped praise on Scheinmann’s work, telling someone in an email that his friend of 10 years “has been the driving force behind building my brand and promoting the book via Twitter.” But talk is cheap and when it came time to pay, Scheinmann says, Dykstra — a convicted con accused many times of stealing from friends and business colleagues — refused to honor their deals, which also includes a piece of royalties on the memoir. Scheinmann says he is owed $15,000 for the Twitter and social work plus more than $76,000 for his share of other earnings Dykstra scored as a result of the media attention.

Uh…duh. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Well, Noah Scheimann, who’s supposed to get shamed when you get fooled for the billionth time? No SHIT Nails isn’t going to pay anyone anything, let alone some poor schmuck gullible enough to run his social media. And way to shoot for the moon saying he worked 18 hour days running a Goddamn Twitter account. Really takes 3/4 of the day to come up with these certified gems:

OK. Maybe the last one was worth the paycheck. But still, tough to feel bad for somebody who is stupid enough to get swindled by Lenny Dykstra and his criminal track record of dicking people over. Not to mention he currently looks and acts like this. Red flag city:

You can’t deny a man from laughing at Lenny Dykstra smiling like an infant teething after getting all his chompers blown out in, as he describes it, the cooler. But I also feel, just, depressed. It’s tough looking at this once legendary specimen in drunk sweatpants having to lean up against the wall just to keep himself from keeling over. We all know Lenny Dykstra is a genuine dick. It’s been well documented in the past and he should reap what he sows. But should we simply sit back and enjoy these desperate attempts to monetize himself in some capacity? Because fire up your celebrity death pools now, ladies and gentleman. If this book thing doesn’t get legs (which it hasn’t), Nails is a dead man walking.